Jamba/AWESOME Interview Guide

Candidate's name

Interviewer name

Store number


Confirm availability

When would you be available to start?

Do you have reliable transportation to work?

How do you plan to commute to work?

What are your responsibilities in your current position? In previous positions?

What did you like or dislike about your previous job? Why are you leaving your job? Explain any gaps in employment.

If they have no employment history say: Describe a situation where you had a conflict with someone in a group project at school. How did you resolve the situation? Describe a time when you had a positive impact on a class project.

Tell me why you want to work here. What led you to apply?

How would you describe yourself? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 3 years?

Be Friendly and Fast - How would you build a relationship with our guest? Tell me what makes great guest service.

Offer great tasting products - Sell me your favorite Jamba product.

One Team - Do you like to work individually or with a team, why?  What do you think you can bring to Jamba Juice?

Show pride in your work - What are you most proud of (accomplishment) & what was that journey like?

Thank each guest and make their day - How do you know that you have satisfied the guest’s needs?

Check boxes of perfect appearance

How was applicant dressed?

Overall Rating:

Write two things that describe their attitude.

What did the applicant do to show that he/she was attentive and friendly?

Overall rating

What does this person like about Jamba?

Overall Rating

Will people like interacting with this person? Why?

Overall Rating

Was this person on time for the interview?

Why do you think he or she can adapt quickly?

Overall Rating

What is your overall impression of this person?

Overall rating