Applicant name


This form is to be completed after the interviewing process. Applicant must rank at least a 4 or 5 in all areas to be hired. Interviewer must complete actions for each area to explain the ranking. If ranked lower than a 4 in any category, attach to application and file in the restaurant.

Neat, clean and well groomed - Takes pride in appearance Think: If they look sloppy now, they’ll look worse later. Check boxes of perfect appearance

How was applicant dressed?


Smiles easily and makes eye contact. Friendly, polite and easy to talk with Ask yourself: Will this personality bring guests back? Action: Write two things that describe their attitude.

What did the applicant do to show that he/she was attentive and friendly?


Wants to work for us (not just looking for a job). Displays a sense of urgency and care Action: What makes you think they are not just looking for a job/pay check.

What does this person like about Jack in the Box?


Listens and communicates well. Easy to understand. Willing to assist co-workers and guests (with a smile). Will people like interacting with this person? Why?

What does applicant like to do in his/her spare time?


Was this person on time for the interview? Expect: Late to interview = attendance issues in future. Action: What time was the interview and what time did they arrive for the interview?

How did the applicant get to the interview?


Eager to learn and do more. Can bring experience, but not set in their ways Know: Our menus / processes are always changing. Action: Why do you think he or she can adapt quickly?

Give an example that applicant provided.


This person has “WOW” factor. You can’t wait for this person to start. Wish: You want more team members like this person!! Action: What is your overall impression of this person.